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Blissfields 2012 Review | FESTIVALPHOTO

Blissfields 2012 Review



Blissfields clears the heavens!

Blissfields was a first for me this year so I had no idea what to expect. A number of other people had told me that it is definitely one to go to, and even though very small has some great acts and a unique atmosphere… They weren’t wrong.

Blissfield began roundabout 12 years ago and has slowly grown in to one of the most renowned small festivals in the UK. A point to mention is that it remains to be one of the only boutique festivals adamant on increasing capacity minimally to keep its intimate setting going.
With tickets being priced at around £74 for the weekend, in this kind of economic climate, you can’t disagree that Blissfields should be on your list of go-tos.

Now I’m sure I’m not the only reviewer to mention this, but the weather has been shockingly awful since the start of the British summer, yes?
I think nearly every festival has suffered at the hands of Gods watering cans!
Yet somehow Blissfields just dodged the rain… Either side of the festival, rain!
But during it was amazing weather. The heavens really did open at the site of Bliss.

I would recommend Blissfields to anyone looking for a weekend slightly off from the mainstream and doesn’t want to be in the middle of thousands of people bumping in to each other racing to see main acts.
It is an independent boutique festival through and through that keeps strong to its beliefs.
Blissfields is an intimate festival held for around 2,500 people who want something as far removed from the big commercial festivals as you can get! The food and drink is of a great quality, and surprisingly at very reasonable prices.

I had a great time this year, and hopefully will be invited back to photograph the festival next year.

Many thanks to Blissfields and the al the PR guys over at Green House Group! :)

A quick look at who played this year:
Noisettes, Patrick Wolf, Guillemots, Dog Is Dead, Clock Opera, Eugene McGuinness, NZCA/Lines, Theme Park, Toy, The Wave Pictures, Pete Roe, SixNationState, Josh Kumra Official, Spector, Lucy Rose, Man Like Me (live), Dreadzone, Cashier no 9, Charli XCX, Toddla T, Crazy P, Passenger, AlunaGeorge, Skinny Lister, C90s, Ridney, Fleetwood Bac, Beans on Toast, Imperial Leisure, Subgiant, The Mini Band, Arp Attack, Bear Cavalry, Big O, Cut Corners, Kill em Dead Cowboy, Little Chief, Live Like Kings, Melodramas, Oresteia and a lot more.

Skribent: Alan Thomas
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