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Echo us - Tomorrow will tell the story | FESTIVALPHOTO

Echo us - Tomorrow will tell the story



This album was originally released in 2010 but has now been re-released with extra tracks. This is a very unusual album (but in a good way). It doesn't really fall into any recognisable genre. Ambient or Prog are the two terms that come to mind when listening to it - certainly at times it has Genesis feel to it, but generally it really is unique. It's music that you can happily have playing while you're doing something else as the music doesnt disturb your train of thought but just gently washes over you.

The use of Synth, piano, wind chimes and harp give the music a very interesting sound and the vocals are used in really interesting ways with echoes and other effects used to really add a whole new dimension to the sound.

This really is a hard album to review as the music is so unique it's hard to compare it to anything else, so the best I can suggest is that you check out the band on youtube or their website, take a listen and see what you think. Some people might not like it, but others will love it. Definitely worth a listen.

Echo us are:

vocals: Henta
harp: Raelyn Olson
vocals, voices, the rest: Ethan

Track listing:

1. Out of the Blue
2. Beyond the Horizon
3. Docked at Bay
4. Archaeous of Water v 1: I. The Ears of Eras
5. Archaeous of Water v 1: II. Anchors Away
6. Archaeous of Water v 2: I. The Light It Moves, En Vie est Lumière
7. Archaeous of Water v 2: II. Echoes of Eras
8. Iagla
9. Waves of the Glacier / A View From a Pier
10. The Mirror in the Window
11. Tomorrow Will Tell the Story
12. Aureole

Skribent: Anthony May
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