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Doro - Raise your fist in the air EP | FESTIVALPHOTO

Doro - Raise your fist in the air EP



It's almost four years since Doro's last album (Fear no evil), and it won't be long till she releases her new album later this year. To whet the appetite of fans she is releasing an EP on the 3rd August, which coincides with her performing at the legendary Wacken festival.

“This is the first record for my new label Nuclear Blast”, Doro explains. “Thus it’s a very special album, because the cooperation means very much to me. So I hope that in the end the fans will love the EP and the album as much as I do”. Doro promises her loyal fans even more: “Everyone who likes the EP will sure be delighted by the album with it’s 13 to 14 songs as well. I’ve put all my passion, blood, sweat and tears into my first record for Blast.“

The EP contains the track - "Raise your fist" in both English and French, another song, Victory plus a song "Engel" sung in German.

The opening track - "Raise your fist" is a great track - its a powerful rock song with a strong beat and a catchy tune. It's the sort of track that Doro excels at, and if this is an indication or what to expect from the album then I can't wait for the album. I can definitely see this song going down very well in Doro's live shows - it's perfect for them really.

"Victory" is another great heavy rock track that sounds great - classic Doro really.

"Engel" is a slower track - one of those great metal ballads that Doro does so well. Again it sounds great and as with most of her ballads there is still plenty of metal there - the guitar work in particular keeps the song firmly grounded as a metal track despite it being a ballad.

This is a great EP and it's definitely going to raise fans levels of excitement in anticipation of the forthcoming album and tour.

"Raise your fist in the air" will be released on 3rd August 2012 via Nuclear Blast.

Track listing:

1. Raise your fist
2. Victory
3. Engel
4. Raise your fist (French version)

Skribent: Anthony May
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