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Karhu - survival of the richest | FESTIVALPHOTO

Karhu - survival of the richest



Karhu are a UK based four piece metal band that formed in 2008 and have evolved into the current lineup. Their debut album "Survival of the richest" is now completed. Clocking in at 52 minutes and 13 tracks, it's a substantial album. They cite influences including Lamb of God and Opeth, and you can certainly see those influences here.

There's an amazing amount of diversity in the album with no two tracks sounding alike. What the tracks do all have in common though is the excellent guitar work, and the powerful growling vocals. In tracks such as "The Dream" though, you also get clean vocals which give a real contrast to the growls. The album isnt all about power and speed though - there are also slower parts, and again "The Dream" gives a good example of this - that song really does show off an amazingly wide range of their styles and techniques all in the space of six minutes.

If you like Opeth, and lamb of god then I'd certainly recommend checking out Karhu - they may be new on the scene but they've got a bright future ahead of them based on this album.

Karhu are:

Matthew Morris – Bass.
Joesph Parry – Guitar/Clean vocals.
Ollie Davis-Gower – Drums.
Osku Kinnunen – Guitar/Growled vocals.

Track listing:

1. Lambent.
2. Reality.
3. B-Vera.
4. KERpaser.
5. Survival Of The Richest.
6. Ignorance.
7. The Dream.
8. D-44.
9. Isa.
10. Darker Days.
11. Feeder.
12. Open.
13. Vinette.

Skribent: Anthony May
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