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Inner Fear - First born fear | FESTIVALPHOTO

Inner Fear - First born fear



After a break of several years, Inner Fear are back with their first album in nine years. The band was originally formed in 1997 by former Cradle of Filth drummer, Marthus.
The music is a cross between death metal and symphonic metal and takes the richness and beauty of symphonic metal and adds the power and brutality of death metal to create a seriously impressive album.

The album is a good length - 10 songs doesnt sound that much, but the songs are a good length so you've got around 52 minutes of music here, making this good value.

Musically it's full of twists and turns, moving seamlessly from brutal death metal to rich warm, but still very heavy symphonic metal. The vocals are largely male death metal style but there are also some lovely female vocals from Vic Anselmo.

The album opens with "I.N.T.R.O", which as the title suggests, is an intro to the album. It's a lovely atmospheric and rich orchestral piece which gradually builds in pace before you're launched straight in to "Fear proclaimed". "Fear proclaimed" starts with a continuation of the orchestral sound before the death metal vocals scream out and the guitars and drums kick in taking things up several notches. We also get the clean female vocals of Vic Anselmo in this song, which are sparingly used and soften some of the brutality to keep the symphonic metal influences strong.

This really is an excellent album. If you like Symphonic metal but would prefer something a bit heavier then this is definitely worth a listen.

Inner Fear are:

Serg - vocals
Vic Anselmo - vocals
Khopec - guitars
Ashok - guitars
Serhio - bass guitar
Marthus - drums, keyboards, orchestra

Track listing:

1. I.N.T.R.O
2. Fear proclaimed
3. Imprisoned in forgotten dungeon
4. Lustmistress
5. I watch the blood forever
6. Inner fear
7. Love is a poisonous cunt
8. Our crimson deeds
9. Akhu
10. Secrets holder

Skribent: Anthony May
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