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Minus second day was also a kind of surprise for those, who are curious in national music history, as well-known styles, and artists from the first hits of the modern age of Sziget Festival’s organizer Hungary.

On 5th of August a whole day music fiesta celebrated the upper mentioned topic, as the song culture and history of Hungary with the top crème of music life, reminds us great hits, unforgettable moments, sounds, and legendic artists from the past, presented by current, younger-older pop-rock icons. Initiative from Gábor Presser, world-famous Hungarian musician and music producer, in 2008. Then, as Sziget Festival, Day of Hungarian Songs also celebrates an anniversary the fifth. The program has enormous success and echo around Europe, but from the first time there were no same gigs on Sziget Festival again. So management of the Festival is happy to organize a day for this nice tradition, again. There was no difference between year 2008, thousands of people was interested in that tribute to Hungarian hits.

“In the last years I got a lot of questions, when will be Day of Hungarian Songs again in Sziget Festival. Till this time I replied directly, that it is another festival already, different from ours, but we got the proud to help in the birth of this nice tradition.. Than life brought chance, because of the less support from the country to organize this day and Sziget Management also were thinking on how can we celebrate stately our 20th anniversary of Sziget. So here we met, and decided to repeat big day of 2008, and celebrate our anniversaries together..”- said Károly Gerendai main organizer of Sziget Festival.

On the Main Stage of the Festival -obviously and naturally that currant day was pumped up, as a monster concert, started from the midday, with more than 70 artist, who are commit themselves to live and support Hungarian music around the world.

Like five years ago, in this year also every artist got 5-6 minutes to take tribute to the Hungarian legends. As old bands, and artist, rock ‘n roll king Fenyő Miklós, rebellious Beatrice band with red pointed symbol, and the star-girl of 70’s gave the feeling of retro, as younger musicians, folk motivated melodical rockband Republic, or the youngest line of qualitative Hungarian music, Tankcsapda with popular rock songs for everybody, or Péterfy Bori with her dream-world alternative style also represented respect to great Hungarian music.



Skribent: Orsi Kurcz
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