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How a 20th anniversary of festival life is could be celebrated?

Sziget Festival is the winner of the best European major festival award- written on the hand passes. Idea started 20 years ago, as a small audience and band-meeting camp. Since it is thousands of young and older people biggest party in Europe every summer.

Anniversary’s lead and line-up was extremely successful, people were coming from everywhere in Europe, Italian speakers, French guys, and Holland girls everywhere. By the way Finnish flags or Portugal national symbols and German smiles also founded in the crowd. Anyway.. dust is huge, sand is twisting, but the feeling of festival life is eternal.

After three warm up days, as Metal Day with the best hard music bands from north and south, a day addressed to the great Hungarian hits, and a third one to a Hungarian big band and pre-parties, the real festival has started on the big Wednesday, on eleven stages in total.

On the Hungarian Music Main Stage already in the early afternoon best Hungarian bands played their best songs, as rocker-rapper Ganxsta Zolee with Kartel band with hard lyrics, hard words criticizing the current system and social life. Than this field is getting lighter scene, also Hungarian bands, Magna Cum Laude and the famous alternative Pál Utcai Fiúk- getting the name from a well known novel-, gave us motivation and some topic of thinking about life. Naturally it is another kind of analyzing life than the above mentioned rapper one.

Meanwhile on A38 stage- and in the tent of Arena is real mass scene- need to take out the filled sign. It would be mission impossible to get in. Anyway.. sounds coming out, well feeling turbo, push me away to the next station- to the Afro-Latin world- as village o this culture- ska band was playing- tricky named Skafunderz- jumping people all around. In spite of the fact- young band, young guys- enormous genialism in songs an mood. All-music festivals are the best that we can just change style as our mood to listen them, so now I went back from the alternative colorful ska-world to the popular rock a bit- to taste how and why could be a band become so liked as Placebo from UK. But the receipt is quite obvious. Popular bands always play as artists, but they are so calculable, relaxing only one, safe way of success… anyway, we must like them. And they were good, must to say. During the night crazy parties everywhere, with masculine cow-girls or exactly the opposite of the riddle, but.. in a festival nothing else matter.. This is normal, if you are not. Funny life.

Shindy, mass, and party everywhere, than new day started, festival population doesn’t need to sleep. Rhythm drives us further. American alternative teenage favorite arrives- Anti Flag from USA- following the road of Green Day and other bands in the pop-rock, alternative feeling way.. Long they coming- world music from Narasirato, by Slovakian style, some French bands, and Emir Kusturica played with No Smoking Orchestra from Serbia. Wild blood, wild party - and rhythm as well. Hungarian Music Main Stage also gave harder styles today with punk and old rock bands- Alvin és a Mókusok, and Beatrice entertained us with feeling of 80’s life of Hungarian society, but they are still well-known today as a political-let’s say band. Another famous rock band on the Pop-Rock Main Stage- Hungarian Tankcsapda prepared the way to the evening star- Korn.

No disappointment- all evening big bands were great- gigs are unforgettable. Mainly crushing of Korn- thousand of fanatic jumped and shaked with American long hair rap-metalists- legs, arms, hair in the air. Then, in the night there are also great opportunities to party an extremely wild. Retro feeling in Volt Festival Terrace- and dance, Firkin as Irish mood in Blues Pub, crazy mixes everywhere, and calming reggae with Ocho Macho on Open Stage. Great, and really colorful cavalcade around these days. I missed only the cool tv-commercials… Anyway… fantastic bands, fantastic faces everywhere around us. I wish more 20 years again Sziget Festival! Meet you next year..

Keep rockin’!



Skribent: Orsi Kurcz
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