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Crystal Viper - Metal Nation & The curse of Crystal viper | FESTIVALPHOTO

Crystal Viper - Metal Nation & The curse of Crystal viper



After releasing "Crimen Excepta" in April 2012, Polish heavy metal act Crystal Viper are re-releasing their first two albums through AFM records, complete with bonus tracks. "The curse of Crystal viper" gets five bonus tracks while "Metal nation" gets six bonus tracks.

In terms of vocals, Marta has a traditional heavy metal vocal style, similar to bands including Crucified Barbara, Hysterica, Bitch, Doro and others. Musically there are clear Iron Maiden influences, and German heavy metal bands including Accept sound to be influences too. In short, what you have here is traditional heavy metal with female vocals.

The music is very good with plenty of power, great guitar riffs and some excellent vocals - Crystal Viper are definitely a band I want to see play live sometime based on listening to their albums.

If you liked the band's latest album (Crimen Excepta) then I'd definitely recommend buying these two releases - they're both great albums, and all those extra tracks that have been added make them even more attractive purchases.

The re-released versions of "Metal Nation" and "The curse of Crystal Viper" are out now via AFM records.

Crystal Viper are:

Marta Gabriel (vocals, guitars)
Andy Wave (guitars)
Tom Woryna (bass)
Golem (drums)

Track listings:

The curse of Crystal viper:

1. ...I See Him! (Intro)
2. Night Prowler
3. Shadows On The Horizon
4. City Of The Damned
5. The Last Axeman
6. Island Of The Silver Skull
7. I Am Leather Witch
8. Demons' Dagger
9. The Fury (Undead)
10. Sleeping Swords

Bonus tracks:
11. Flaming Metal Systems (Manilla Road cover)
12. Demons' Dagger (2008 version)
13. The Last Axeman (Polish version)
14. Sleeping Swords (2008 version)
15. Mr. Gold (Warlock cover)

Metal Nation:

1. Breaking The Curse
2. Metal Nation
3. Bringer Of The Light
4. 1428
5. The Anvil Of Hate
6. Zombie Lust (Flesh Eaters)
7. Her Crimson Tears
8. Legions Of Truth
9. Gladiator: Die By The Blade (I. Entering The Arena / II. Clash Of The Titans / III. Glory And Victory)
10. Agents Of Steel (AGENT STEEL cover song)

Bonus tracks:
11.Axeman's Revenge (Live intro 2008-2011)
12.Metal Nation (Karaoke version)
13.The Banshee (2011 version)
14.The Anvil Of Hate (Demo version 2007)
15.Bringer Of The Light (Karaoke version)
16.Libertalia (Running wild cover song)


Skribent: Anthony May
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