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All hail the yeti - All hail the yeti | FESTIVALPHOTO

All hail the yeti - All hail the yeti



Formed in 2006 in Los Angeles, All Hail the yeti released their "Trees On Fire With Songs Of Blood" EP in 2010 and have since then toured with bands including Soulfly, Fear Factory and Suicide Silence. Now they are releasing their self titled debut album

Connor Garrity says of the album “The best way to describe our sound is to capture how it makes each individual feel. Our songs touch on topics of death, life, love, love lost, the paranormal, crypto zoology, mythical creatures, partying, etc. It’s tough to describe our sound with one sentence.”

He's not kidding either - musically there's thrash, hardcore, stoner metal, all present in the album. Forget genres though - what you really need to know is that this is seriously heavy stuff - crushing guitar riffs, pounding drums, solid bass and and shouting/growling vocals.

Several tracks, most notable "After the great fire" use spoken word samples which work well.

As for the last track - "Judas Cradle", it's got a 21 minute running time. Well actually it hasn't - you have a six minute song followed by 15 totally pointless minutes of the sounds of birds, insects etc - night-time wilderness camping sounds. A total waste including them in the track - I can only assume they thought the album was too short so found this rubbish to pad it out with.

With music it really can be small things that make the difference between you liking an album and disliking it. With All hail the yeti, I really don't like the vocals I'm afraid. Musically I really liked the album, but the vocals just don't work for me (I can't quite put my finger on what it is exactly I dislike about them though) and mean that overall I'm not a fan of this album. Having said that, I definitely recommend you have a listen to All hail the yeti - although the vocals arent to my taste, they may well be something you really like

"All hail the yeti" is out now via AFM records

All hail the yeti are:

Connor Garritty - vocals
Nicholas Diltz - bass
Skylar Feigel - drums
Craw NeQuent - guitar

Track listing:

1. Deep Creek
2. When The Sky Falls
3. Suicide Woods
4. The Weak And The Wounded
5. After The Great Fire
6. Bloodguilt
7. The Art Of Mourning
8. I Am Wendigod
9. Axe Murder Hollow
10. Ruby Ridge (Every Knee Shall Bow)
11. Judas Cradle

Skribent: Anthony May
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