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HAMMERFALL: 'Gates Of Dalhalla' – Live DVD/2CD, Blu-Ray/2CD | FESTIVALPHOTO

HAMMERFALL: 'Gates Of Dalhalla' – Live DVD/2CD, Blu-Ray/2CD

During a well-deserved time-out over the 2012/13 period, a testimonial of Hammerfall's on-stage excellence is being released in DVD/2-CD and Blu-Ray/2-CD format's on December 3rd in the UK via Nuclear Blast, entitled 'Gates Of Dalhalla'.

It contains 135 emphatic minutes of the '15-Year Anniversary Show', that took place on the 28th July on the historic open-air stage 'Dalhalla', built in an old quarry near the small Swedish village of Rättvik.

'Oscar Dronjak' comments:

"The set contained 26 tracks and lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes, by far the longest and most comprehensive gig of our entire career! We played songs from every album and then some, there were lots of guests and pyros, and we had 80 Marshall cabinets and the big shield with the HF logo carved out in the middle hanging brought out of storage, all set in an extremely unique venue. You really have to see it to understand, this concert really captured the essence of HammerFall live in 2012 very well!"
Prominent guests featured in the DVD include original Hammerfall line-up members 'Jesper Strömblad' and 'Mikael Stanne', as well as ex-guitarist 'Stefan Elmgren', amongst others, making the show not only unforgettable for the fans, but also for the musicians themselves.
"Everything concerning this release is special: the venue, the occasion, the set-list, the guests. If you are going to celebrate something, do it properly, and this is exactly what we have done. HAMMERFALL with extra everything, 100% live, 0% bullshit“, says Oscar.

'Gates Of Dalhalla' is far more than just a live DVD/Blu-Ray: It’s the ultimate proof that the Swedes, after 15 years of bringing heavy metal to the people, are still the undisputed kings of their genre.


Patient Zero
Heeding The Call
Any Means Necessary
Riders Of The Storm
Let's Get It On
Crimson Thunder
Blood Bound (Special Guest: Stefan Elmgren)
Last Man Standing (Special Guest: Stefan Elmgren)
Fury Of The Wild (Special Guest: Stefan Elmgren)
Drum solo: Anders Johansson
Always Will Be
Dia De Los Muertos
Steel Meets Steel (Special Guest: Mikael Stanne)
The Dragon Lies Bleeding (Special Guest: Jesper Strömblad)
Let The Hammer Fall
När Vindarna Viskar Mitt Namn (Special Guest: Roger Pontare)
Something For The Ages
The Templar Flame
Oh Fortuna (Special Guest: Team Cans)
Glory To The Brave (Special Guest: Team Cans)
One More Time (Special Guest: Team Cans)
Hearts On Fire (featuring all Special Guests)

The DVD was recorded and directed by 'Patric Ullaeus' (Dimmu Borgir, Children Of Bodom, In Flames).

Skribent: Anthony May
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