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DESTRUCTION - 'Spiritual Genocide' Tracklist revealed... | FESTIVALPHOTO

DESTRUCTION - 'Spiritual Genocide' Tracklist revealed...


German thrash titans, DESTRUCTION, have revealed the tracklisting for the band's upcoming 30th anniversary album, 'Spiritual Genocide'.
“For the anniversary album, we’ve really knuckled down big-time – we’ve never been so fast, brutal and groovy before!", Schmier, DESTRUCTION.

Spiritual Genocide' is set to be released November 26th, 2012 via Nuclear Blast.
Spiritual Genocide

01. Exordium
02. Cyanide
03. Spiritual Genocide
04. Renegades
05. City Of Doom
06. No Signs Of Repentance
07. To Dust You Will Decay
08. Legacy Of The Past (Guest Version feat. Gerre/TANKARD & Tom Angelripper/SODOM)
09. Carnivore
10. Riot Squad
11. Under Violent Sledge

Limited Edition Digipack Bonus Tracks:
12. Princess Of The Night
13. Carnivore (Guest Version feat. Harry & Olly from the original “Mad Butcher”/”Release From Agony” line-up) | |

Skribent: Anthony May
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