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ABBA - The Essential Collection | FESTIVALPHOTO

ABBA - The Essential Collection



This brand new ABBA collection includes all the hits and more on 2CDs and 1DVD. It's available in three different versions - a double-CD, a DVD, and a Limited Edition package featuring the two CDs, the DVD and an illustrated 28-page booklet.
The DVD features remastered versions of all the official ABBA promo clips including two previously unreleased videos: Conociéndome, Conociéndote and Gracias por la música (Spanish versions of Knowing Me, Knowing You and Thank You For The Music).

So, it's a very good collection for anyone wanting an ABBA compilation, but I do have to wonder what sort of person wakes up thinking "There just aren't enough Abba compilations around - the world needs another one". There are so many ABBA compilations that it's hard to understand why anyone would think its a great idea to release another - surely most people already own one, and if they do then there's little reason to buy another. The recent Deluxe edition reissues of the original albums on the other hand were an excellent idea, but another compilation really is hard to be excited about.

This release features all the hits (as do virtually all the other compilations) including nine UK number one hit singles as well as a number of other tracks. With 39 tracks over the two CDs then its good value if you haven't got an ABBA compilation already.

If you don't already own an ABBA compilation then this is a good one to get. If you have one already then I'd give this a miss and instead think about getting the deluxe editions of the original albums instead.

Track listing:

1. People Need Love
2. He Is Your Brother
3. Ring Ring
4. Love Isn’t Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)
5. Waterloo
6. Honey, Honey
7. So Long
8. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
9. SOS
10. Mamma Mia
11. Bang-A-Boomerang
12. Fernando
13. Dancing Queen
14. Money, Money, Money
15. Knowing Me, Knowing You
16. That’s Me
17. The Name Of The Game
18. Take A Chance On Me
19. Eagle
20. One Man, One Woman
21. Thank You For The Music
22. Summer Night City

CD 2
23. Chiquitita
24. Does Your Mother Know
25. Voulez-Vous
26. Angel eyes
27. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
28. I Have A Dream
29. The Winner Takes It All
30. Super Trouper
31. On And On And On
32. Lay All Your Love On Me
33. Happy New Year
34. One Of Us
35. When All Is Said And Done
36. Head Over Heels
37. The Visitors
38. The Day Before You Came
39. Under Attack

1. Waterloo
2. Ring ring
3. Mamma Mia
4. SOS
5. Bang-a-boomerang
6. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
7. Fernando
8. Dancing Queen
9. Money, Money, Money
10. Knowing Me, Knowing You
11. That’s Me
12. The Name of The Game
13. Take a Chance On Me
14. Eagle
15. One Man, One Woman
16. Thank You For The Music
17. Summer Night City
18. Chiquitita
19. Does Your Mother Know
20. Voulez-Vous
21. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
22. On And On And On
23. The Winner Takes It All
24. Super Trouper
25. Happy New Year
26. When All Is Said And Done
27. One Of us
28. Head Over Heels
29. The Day Before You Came
30. Under Attack
31. Estoy Sonando
32. Conociendome, Conociendote
33. Gracias Por La Musica
34. Felicidad
35. No Hay A Quien Culpar
36. The Last Video

Skribent: Anthony May
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