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Bob Marley - In Dub vol. 1 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Bob Marley - In Dub vol. 1



A legendary figure in Reggae music, Bob Marley is probably the best known Reggae artist of all time around the world, so any new release is going to be greeted with considerable interest This album is the first in a series of collections of classic rare and new dub material from Bob Marley and the Wailers.
For anyone unfamiliar with dub, it's a sub-genre of reggae (although it has now expanded beyond this), that is usually remixed instrumental versions of reggae songs. To know that this release is a Dub release then may dampen some peoples hopes, but fear not - this album is not totally instrumental - there are vocals included here.

The album contains ten dub remixes that have been previously available but hard to find, and have not been released before on CD or as part of an album. There is also a new dub version of "Lively up yourself" which has been mixed by doundation dub mix engineer Scientist.

Even without the vocals many of the tracks are still instantly recognisable, but we also get some sparing use of vocals which again ties the tracks in to the original versions.

Dub is a genre that can be very variable - you get some really good versions of songs, but equally you can get some that are just dull. With this release I'm very happy to say that it's definitely packed full of really good dub versions of the songs. If you've never tried listening to dub before then this would make a good starting point as the original songs are so strong and well known that these new versions still have a familiar feel. Not everyone will like dub, but this album is definitely worth a listen.

A great dub release and a chance for Bob Marley fans to hear some rare tracks.

"In dub Vol. 1" is out now

Track listing:
1. Roots, Rock, Dub
2. Is This Love Dub (previously unavailable on album)
3. Forever Loving Jah Dub (previously unavailable on album)
4. Lively Up Your Dub
5. Three Little Birds Dub
6. Crazy Baldhead Dub (previously unavailable on album)
7. Waiting In Vain Dub (previously unavailable on album)
8. Jamming Version
9. One Love/People Get Ready Dub (mix previously unavailable on album)
10. She’s Gone Dub (previously unavailable on album)
11. Smile Jamaica Version

Skribent: Anthony May
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