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Nowadays young band’s music videos are coming like candy rain. And we love them. Now, here is a pretty interesting new one from The Drake Equation. Guys are from Västerås, a metalcore band with pop, jazz and electronic influences.

The clip is like a wild dream, in a lovely metal style in the middle of wheat fields. After few jiffs the music kicks you on ass. Starting with a really hard part, melody and British poprock feelings are popping up, and turning again back to the dark dream. It hammers like Korpiklaani’s music, at least pictures are also remind me to the Finish band, but in a young version. Colors, clothes, lights and movements are in a crushing harmony, really the part of that alternative fairytale-style and the stern track-, so the story’s medley with the song is totally keeps you in front of the screen.

How do you see the future? – I asked from the guys then. „Plans for the next years at the moment are really big: we're aiming high. Going to enter the studio in January and we're so looking forward to some nice shows that will follow the release. Naturally also more music videos will be released then… We promise..”

Skribent: Orsi Kurcz
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