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Sister Sin - Now and forever | FESTIVALPHOTO

Sister Sin - Now and forever



Swedish metal band Sister sin formed in 2002. The band is fronted by Liv Jagrell who was the first vocalist in fellow Swedish band Hysterica (where she was known as Sinderella). The band play female fronted old school metal in the same vein as bands such as fellow Swedes Crucified Barbara. They've toured extensively with bands including Motorhead, Faster Pussycat, U.D.O, In this Moment, Otep, Arch Enemy and many more

"Now and Forever" is the band's fourth album, and as with their previous albums what you get is top quality heavy metal - powerful guitars, pounding drums and powerful vocals . It's great musically but Liv's vocals are what really makes this album stand out so well - damn that voice is powerful as she screams out those lyrics and there's a real feeling of a "f**k you" attitude there too.

Brief comments on a few tracks..

Opening track "MMXII" (Roman numberals for 2012) is a short intro that leads straight into the first proper song on the album - "End of the line". That gets things going at full pelt - good fast heavy metal. Liv's vocals are superb and really make the songs work perfectly

"Fight song" is packed full of attitude and aggression both in the way Liv sings it, and also in the lyrics. An excellent song.

The final track on the album, "Morning after" is a slow ballad which takes the power levels down significantly as for the first half of the song Liv sings accompanied only by a piano and orchestral string instruments. It's a fantastic song and allows Liv to show another side to her vocals - she's not limited to the screaming powerful vocals, she can do the slow soulful stuff to. The second half of the song ramps the power and pace back up and Liv's vocals adjust to let more of the power out, even though she's not singing at full metal power in this track.

An excellent album I'd definitely recommend to fans of Crucified Barbara, Hysterica or Girlschool

Sister Sin are:

Liv Jagrell — Vocals
Jimmy Hiltula — Guitar
Strandh — Bass
Dave Sundberg — Drums

Track Listing

2. End Of The Line
3. Fight Song
4. In It For Life
5. Hearts Of Cold
6. Chosen Few
7. Hang ‘Em High
8. I’m Not You
9. Running Low
10. Shades Of Black
11. Morning After

Skribent: Anthony May
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