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The Machines by The Machines | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Machines by The Machines

Classic punk-rock music is not always the easiest thing to find nowadays. Often, the sound is mistaken for the likes of boy-band, pseudo punk types who croon about lost loves and past transgressions; and many would claim the true, gritty punk sound has left the music industry.

But that is not always the case. English band The Machines newest release, The Machines is not a far cry from the classic punk sound. The band, from Southerland-on-Sea have been playing together since 1977, so it is no surprise the album hails towards a more authentic punk-rock sound.

The album opens with Racing. This song provides an energetic sound with a strong opening. An upbeat tune, cut only with the slashing sounds of the guitar provide the grit to the song, allowing it to retain a harder, punk-edge to an otherwise upbeat tune.

Weekend provides an interesting dynamic to the album. The song is perhaps more upbeat than the other tracks on the album, and shows a move away from the band’s harder sound. Though lighter and more warm in sound, the song remains strong, providing a much needed contrast to the band’s somewhat consistent sound throughout the album.

The album also provides some meatier tracks. Girl in Black boasts a heartier introduction and introduces the album to stronger vocals. Though the track does at times verge towards a rock ‘n’ roll sound, it has a strong overall theme to it.

At times the album does get monotonous; similar sounds and even vocals see each track not vary too far from one another. However, the consistency does allow for an easy listen. The persistent tracks have an upbeat tempo and a classic-punk charm that makes The Machines a great listen.

Skribent: Bronte Kelso-Marsh
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