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Shylock - Walking tall | FESTIVALPHOTO

Shylock - Walking tall



"Walking tall" is the sixth album from German rock band Shylock. The band formed in the late 90's and their first song was featured on the German Rock Hard sampler “Unerhört” in 2000. A few months later their debut album was released. Sinc ehten the band have undergone lineup changes, released more albums, played loads of gigs alongside bands including Bonfire, U.D.O., Shakra, Adler's Appetite and more and in 2004 performed one of their songs (“Farewell” which was written for written for soccer star Thomas Hässler) at his farewell game for Cologne where 20,000 people watched them live with over 100,000 watching on TV.

The vocals are great, and have a very German rock/metal sound - think early Scorpions or Bonfire - that slight accent gives it the classic German rock feel. The music is also great - heavy guitar-driven rock music.

Brief comments on a couple of tracks....

"Rock DNA" is a very strong track - a great tune and a simple catchy chorus.

"I can't wait now" is another great track and is one that is fairly representative of the album. There's great guitar work, a good tune, a good chorus and great vocals. Really the whole album is very strong. There's nothing much that stands out as being special or unique, but if you want a good solid rock album then this fits the bill perfectly.

A great release recommended for fans of bands including Bonfire, Gotthard and Jaded Heart.

"Walking tall" will be released on 21st January 2013

Shylock are:

Matthias Schenk - Vocals
Johannes Amrhein – Guitar
Bernhard Schwingenstein – Bass
Achim Thiergartner - Drums

Track Listing:

1. Walking Tall
2. Rock DNA
3. I Can’t Wait Now
4. Bridges
5. What It Takes
6. Sad To Know
7. Sliding Through Emotions
8. Taken It Too Far
9. She Came Along My Way
10. Right Now Or Never
11. Away From Here
12. Touch My Soul
13. Anything

Skribent: Anthony May
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