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Weeping silence - For the unsung | FESTIVALPHOTO

Weeping silence - For the unsung



"For the unsung" is the third album from Maltese band Weeping silence. It's also the last album to feature Rachel Grech on vocals - shortly after the album was released it was announced that she is leaving the band (one of several bands to part ways with their singer in October this year).

The biggest change that fans will notice about this album is that instead of Rachel Grech doing all the vocals, we now have Joe Grech doing growling vocals alongside her clean vocals. This is a subject that will certainly divide fans - some fans like the mix of clean female vocals and growling male vocals - the so-called "Beauty and the beast" style, but for many fans the addition of male vocals won't go down well. For me I've got mixed views - it can work very well but there are so many bands doing this that it's hard to stand out when you're doing the same vocal styles as most female fronted bands out there.

The album is a very impressive piece of work. The band's Doom roots are clearly displayed on tracks like "Mire of Pity", and the growls do work very well and works well with the music to create a dark deep sound while the beautiful voice of Rachel Grech soars above it adding the lightness and emotion to the album.
Anders Jacobsson from Draconian guests on two tracks - "Love lies bleeding" and "The search within".

While some may not like the use of the male growls, they do work well on this album, so I'd say their inclusion was successful. This is an excellent record and I definitely recommend that fans of female fronted metal give it a listen.

"For the Unsung" is out now on Ravenheart records.

Weeping silence are:

Rachel Grech - Vocals
Joseph Grech - Vocals
Manuel Spiteri - Guitars
Mario Ellul - Guitars
Sean Pollacco - Bass
Alison Camilleri - Keyboards
Angelo Zammit – Drums

Track listing:

1. Mourning sighs farewell
2. Love lies bleeding
3. Disillusioned
4. Mire of pity
5. The search within
6. Fallen from grace
7. Bitter screams
8. Yur darkest hour
9. My Possession

Skribent: Anthony May
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