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“Ten years later? Still rockin’ with Sabaton, I hope!” | FESTIVALPHOTO

“Ten years later? Still rockin’ with Sabaton, I hope!”



A short conversation about the connection of cold, north, traditions, and metal, with the voice of Sabaton, Joakim.

*Sabaton is already a sort of national symbol of Sweden- how do you feel that, as it’s a kind of mission, and also big responsibility, I guess..
I don’t really see it that serious way at all- I just think about us that simply, we have a metalband, playing music – in that case we chose to do it about the Swedish Empire, hundreds of our history. And of course doing that in combination with music must got a bit national effect, but not in a racist kind of thoughts- so I hope it’s a positive way what we do.

*You almost travelled around Europe, during years- so what do you think why people adore Swedish and Nordic metal music that much?
It could actually be the fact, that -I mean if you look around in Sweden, right here, right now and further up to north, what we could you do.. -maybe today it’s a kind of easier, but all metal bands, performing now, grown up before you had internet at home at least, and it’s not a very densely populated area, especially on the north- so what would you do in a fucking cold winter day- you had school the day after, and you have a couple of hours to kill – you could play music- or stuff like that.. and I mean- especially upper north you choose what: get drunk or play music basically. That’s all to do.. Fortunately by our state it’s so easy to play instrument. Sweden pays some of the costs to starting to play, if you want- so it’s only a very cheap amount what somebody needs to pay – for example on the first week you can borrow a guitar, you don’t have to buy one- you could start out– and rehearsal rooms cost also not much, like five Euros per person per month, and then that room has guitar , and the whole system what you need- you could rent one place a week, situation like that- in combination with the Swedish folk music tradition – I don’t know really, stuffs like Abba, but we always had a big music explode here- so I really think it’s a mix of tradition in Sweden, fuck all the cold in the winter.. and thanks that Swedish government has been always supporting the music.

*I just wonder -you know- to find out, the secret.. Why other countries especially on South like that much the Nordic metal?
I don’t know actually.. in that case I think it has to be the melodism – it has a lot at Swedish metal, and others- like the heritage of all our folk music…

*So maybe is it giving that kind of “amazing feeling” of the North?
Yeah exactly- it’s not all the same like in central Europe’s folk music- and not just that kind of horses and umpalumpa- in a metal way.. Just something different, than what they get used to.

*Do you have favorite place to play?
Well.. Could be somewhere and anywhere in eastern Europe: Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, and places like that- crowds usually wider, and crazier there..

*You guys are big metal faces on the stage- but how are you look like in the normal “everydays”?
Haha.. I am in the normal life also what I am on the stage- basically nowadays. When we started out, we wanted to look cool and hard, - you know how it is- but nowadays I don’t think it would be a huge difference between the stage and the everyday life. We are on tour so much, it’s a kind of heavy- now actually from April- and today here in Jönköping it is the show 99th, so when I finally go back home, a few days I have- then my first wish is not really a party, or rock, or meet people, because I do that every day.. I don’t say that I’m boring that at all, but I try to keep that small time alone, and write music.

*From where do you get the inspiration and historical motivation for that war topic?
I usually watch documentaries, and tv series around that subject- I just need anything what can get me on an emotional response to these historical staffs. Glorious feeling at all, what it needs. There are a lot of story for real life, what we shouldn’t forget.

*What will you do ten years later?
Still rockn’ I hope! I wouldn’t be able to say what I will do in thirty years, cause then I will be over sixty- so maybe I won’t be able to do a show like that now physically..

*Nah just see Kiss and Rolling Stones..
Yeah, right, but to be honest watching Rolling Stones, they are not jumping anymore on the stage. So hopefully ten years later I will be still on here, with my rockn’ life.. after that, we will see!



Skribent: Orsi Kurcz
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