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Stallion Four- THE ROCK



Swedish rock band takes our head again..

Rock, we could say, is the genre, what everybody knows. Maybe not like, or love, like thousands and millions of funs all over the world, just simply knows. Anyway the name is with us: in movie titles, on t-shirts, and so on, and so on.. And this is what actually counts. So what? Rock is important, heroic, and gives us emotions. Last but not least people likes to think that it’s even so easy to write a rock melody. Ojjoj: false. You will only like or love the actual song, if you feel or find the soul in. Soul of rock. The real one I mean.

Stallion Four guys give us the chance to find this soul, what we need. (I try to be not so emotional- blame rock music!) On the other side there is also the part of the great eighties. So please don’t be scared that much, if you would recognize the air of the early hard rock gigs, with crazy-legendic Axel Rose, Lemmy or old Brian Johnson…

Swedish band from Uppsala, with German publisher, and English lyrics. (What a mix! - you would shout. But it’s “just” rock. A really crazy one.) Band melted together its all madness in a positive way, ended up to their Rough Times album, contains ten extremely wild tunes. Their music is pull you to rocking emotions. I would say as it’s normal, but I wouldn’t have right. Naturally there is something special in it. So worth to listen them. Melody, rhythm, and lyrics take us to a darker but more exciting world of music. So let just leave your brain, through away your head, and dance with this blooded rock ‘n roll. And do not forget friend- despite of the sounds are in total harmony, „as it need to be” thing, the whole Stallion Four is enough crazy to shake up the night. Yours also. Fresh, simple, but still great. Let’s inflame your dirtiness..!

/Rocket Queen


Skribent: Orsi Kurcz
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