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’Variables EP’- after a bigger tour and being in the final of one of the most famous rock-metal contest of Scandinavia, these five guys from Västerås are ready to conquer the metal era. At least its seem so. Their first album will release soon- maybe in one month, but the hungry audience already got a chance to taste how the Drake disc will sound.

Following their first, electro, metal and also pop infulenced music video, there is a strong single already released from the soon appearing debut album few days ago. „This new tune, the single, called ’Judgement’- in its total essence, is about being yourself, being strong and not following everyone else, only your own life as a dream. At the same time, it's about the hardships of being the outcast somehow. It's always tempting to go back to the past and be one with the pack.”

As the style and the message of it, the feeling also interesting about this track from Drake, as melodism also shaked with the most hardest metalcore elements, and fast screaming voice in it- calming down in the middle to give place for the thoughts also, folowed by yells again. Crazy as genius, and progressive at all. Big questions about life, and our world in serving like that? It seems that ’Variables EP’ will be a kind of masterpiece from these youngs, for alls, who had a bit piece of metal heart ever.

„The whole band wrote the songs together, we all contributed equally.-says Adam Jani, the drummer smiling. „You can go to our Facebook page to see how the EP will really look like. But I can promise, the songs on this new disc will be much harder than the song of our first music video, ’One step alone’ was. Heavier, groovier and just much more meaning inside- with much more message- we want to send out for the world around us.”

Awaited EP will be released within a month, as the Drake guys already spread the fact- and it won’t arrive alone, than supposed to be together with some other very good news from the group. So stay tuned!

Skribent: Orsi Kurcz
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