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Do not only listen to stars- Rocking youngs at Babel | FESTIVALPHOTO

Do not only listen to stars- Rocking youngs at Babel



Some new sounds, unknown face, young talents rocked the stage of Babel in Malmö last week. Participated at a band contest, showed for the audience, how various could be the real music at all. I was just wondering why there is not that much people interested in upcoming, or simply unsigned bands. Most of these concerts was interesting, feelingful, and exciting. Just an advice- listen to them!

„Competition called Emergenza, formed as a music festival for upcoming bands. In the early 90s were a bunch of musicians and their bands together and organized a one-day festival on the outskirts of Rome, Italy. The festival was such a hit of that year after organizers were inundated with requests by the band that wanted to play. Emergenza is one of the most important musical contest in Europe, North America, Japan and Australia today. In each city's layup the same. All bands who sign up are guaranteed to play at the first of three "rounds", as concerts held in each city. In Sweden we usually have 7-10 bands per night that can play 20-25 minutes each of these well-attended events. Semifinals will be held usually on a larger club, where the idea is to let the bands play larger and larger venues. In the finals, we invite a jury consisting exclusively of skilled professionals, from Sweden and Europe, which passes a band from each city to the national finals.”

In 13th of February, last week, pop, metal, and rock n’ roll mixed in the air- in the air of an old church- today known as a rock club in the centrum of Malmö. And there was also something else in that air: excitement, and passion. Despite the cold, and the half full-house, everybody on the stage showed the best in this evening. The youngest group was maybe my favorit- the band, My Opinion. Guitar was almost bigger then the guitarist himself, but Im enough sure, he will be a great musician then- as he already looks really talent- popped up during this gig. But they have time. Naturally. And its never enough early for a good start.

„Many bands have taken the opportunity and advantage of the openings that Emergenza Festival created for them to build on its career- among them Royal Republic (S), Donkey Boy (N), Envy (N), and Hurricane Love (S) from the last years.”

So that was Emergenza in Malmö. This night’s winner were the honest rockers, Bionic Blackout guys, and everybody with this nice, unforgettable rockn’experience.. Don't forget it!


Skribent: Orsi Kurcz
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