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Turbogeist - Ancient secrets | FESTIVALPHOTO

Turbogeist - Ancient secrets



London band Turbogeist are releasing a 5 track EP in March, and will be following it later in the year with their debut album. Musically this EP is quite tricky to pin down. There's a good helping of rock, a strong punk influence, some metal - a really good mix in other words.

The EP features 4 Turbogeist songs as well as a cover of The Wipers song 'Up Front'. It's a short EP, with a running time of less than fourteen minutes, but that's down to most of the songs being between 2 and 3 minutes long. The short songs help give the EP a fast punk feel with songs following on quickly from each other. It's more of an old-school punk sound than a modern pop-punk sound, and that suits me just fine - I think the EP sounds great.

The band's website and facebook page list the band members by first names only, giving no mention of singer Jimmy's famous father (Mick Jagger), which shows that they are trying to build up their fanbase based on talent and hard work rather than taking the easy route and trying to cash in on the name of a famous relative. Certainly listening to the EP then they certainly sound to have the talent needed to be successful. Judging by this EP then I've got high expectations for the debut album when that gets released.

A very good EP, and one that I can see appealing to fans of bands such as Turbonegro as well as Turbogeist.

'Ancient secrets' will be released on 11th March via Spinefarm records

Track listing:

1. Mermaids revenge
2. Zero friends
3. Black hole
4. Up front
5. Rats

Turbogeist are:

Jimmy - vocals/guitar
Luis - vocals/guitar
Josh - drums
James - bass

Skribent: Anthony May
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