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David Bronson - ‘Momentary’ Remix With NESIMO | FESTIVALPHOTO

David Bronson - ‘Momentary’ Remix With NESIMO

‘Story flourishes when Bronson uses softer rhythms and allows the writing to take centre stage.’ 7/10 Drowned in Sound

‘There are dreamlike qualities to several songs and, even without the aid of hallucinogenic substances, you can join David in a world of poetry, imagery and unrequited love on several occasions.’ – No Depression

‘If you like well-produced, catchy, decent guitar playing and solid vocals then you’ll like this.’ – Gold Flake Paint

David Bronson releases the first remixed track from his recently released and critically admired debut ‘Story’:

Bronson joined forces with New York Producer NESIMO to rework this romantic and intricate tune, exemplifying the sonic opportunities of the rich and detailed layers which characterise Bronson’s music.

"I've talked with NESIMO about doing something together for a very long time and it just never was able to come together because of our schedules before. But I'm very happy it all turned out how & when it did, because I really love what he did with 'Momentary'. It's my new favorite version of the song" says Bronson.

‘Story’ is the first instalment of a 22 track project developed by Bronson from years of writing, producing, and recording. The prequel ‘The Long Lost’ is due for release later this year:

"Godfrey [Diamond, Producer for Lou Reed, Aerosmith, Sparks] and I are in the studio putting on the last little tracking touches and getting the mixes done for The Long Lost at a great pace. It's actually going quicker than I expected so that already roughly half the record is locked and set for mastering.

The vibe I hear as I listen back to this group of songs (which was started years ago) is in certain ways of a piece with Story but also darker, somewhat moodier, and I think the arrangements on some of the tracks, which are in places much more spare and kind of gritty, probably reflect that. There’s certainly a little more despair and anger in there, and it definitely brings me right back into that space of my early-twenties self, right in the crux of that emotionally heightened moment.”

Skribent: Anthony May
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