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The lost souls club - EP and tour news | FESTIVALPHOTO

The lost souls club - EP and tour news

EP Release and tour: High Noon by The Lost Souls Club
Release date: 25 February 2013

“Romeo has a great opening riff and vocal line. The lyrical themes are suitably noir…so they sit alongside bands like The White Stripes and The Black Keys….and look like a junior Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds” – Simon Price, The Independent

“Perfect to soundtrack both wild Friday nights of excess and the gloomy sad Sundays that always follow, the likes of Kiss Away The Sun and Romeo are monochromatic slices of life that retrace and then reinvent those such as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Raveonettes who came before them. The guitars are fuzzy, the vocals sleazy, the songs themselves urgent and paranoid, almost as if they’re scared of the impending sunrise. It’s thrilling stuff.” - Mischa Pearlman (Kerrang / Clash / Record Collector)

“Their dark, pulsing rock swirls with a sinister malice that sets the tone perfectly...” – Kerrang

“The Lost Souls Club may be a musical home for the heartbroken and dreamers, but on this showing I think they'll very soon need to start booking larger venues in which to hold their meetings, as they are about to explode.” – Uber Rock

"With hints of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Jesus and Mary Chain, as well as NIN-edge that remains, there’s a real intensity that really makes it hard to turn away. There’s something dark and wrong going on here, but at the same time its irresistible… you just want to reach out and touch it." – Pure Rawk

Hailed by The Independent’s music guru Simon Price as the band to fill The White Stripes’ empty shoes, The Lost Souls Club are a UK band who play rock as it should be: dark, dirty and energized with a psychedelic twist. With reverb, fuzz and massive hooks the band belong with the likes of The Dead Weather, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Jesus and The Mary Chain.

The band’s sinister rock is perfect for a long drive through the night along a lonely road with nothing but heartache for company, but they also have a musical alter ego – a brooding acoustic side that is just as thrilling as their rock'n'roll, with a naked intensity that echoes the sounds of Nick Cave and Johnny Cash.

Having just signed to JL Booking agency (Nine Black Alps, Spotlight Kid, Passenger), The Lost Souls Club are now are touring High Noon, their debut EP, which has already picked up glowing reviews in the UK and in Asia and Australia (where they toured in 2012). The theme running through the EP – from which the ‘High Noon’ title originates – is the idea of a showdown between two opposing sides of oneself: arrogance and insecurity. The mirrored image on the cover echoes this idea of duality.

High Noon was self-produced and recorded, apart from opening track, Romeo which was produced by the eminent Sam Bell (Editors, REM, Bloc Party). With BBC Introducing already hailing them as a ‘Band to Watch’ in 2013, this year is set to be a big one for The Lost Souls Club.
Tour dates

Confirmed tour dates are as follows, with more being added shortly to the live page of the band's website:
March 15th - Edinburgh - Cabaret Voltaire
March 17th - Glasgow - Broadcast
March 19th - London - Surya
March 20th - The Boileroom - Guildford
March 21st - The Green Room - Welwyn Garden City
March 22nd - The Mother's Ruin - Bristol
March 23rd - The Factory - Porth
March 25th - Southampton - the Joiners

For links to venues / ticket information, please see the live section of The Lost Souls Club website.

Skribent: Anthony May
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