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Bajofondo - Presente | FESTIVALPHOTO

Bajofondo - Presente



Latin Grammy-winning band Bajofondo release their new album, Presente at the start of April. The album’s title refers to what the band is at the present moment - "a stirring mix of tango, milonga, folklore, rock, hip-hop, electronica, jazz, classical, and a world of sounds from the Río de la Plata, the river that separates and unites Argentina and Uruguay". That's certainly an unusual list of sounds to lend together, and it's that interesting mix that made me keen to listen to and review the album.

Brief comments on a few tracks..

The album opens with 'Intro', a gentle string instrumental. Next up comes 'Codigo de barra' which ramps up the pace and power with a strong Tango flavour. Again this is an instremental track, one of several on the album. It's a lovel piece of music.

'Oigo voices' is an acapella track

'Así Es (Propergol)' is another very different sounding track with its strong electronic sounds

This really is a unique sounding album, and one that shows the sheer diversity of music from around the world. There are so many different sounds brought together in this album and blended so beautifully that they feel as though they really do belong together. I really am glad that I've listened to the album - it's very refreshing to hear something that's so different to the music we hear on a regular basis.

An excellent album thats well worth a listen.

'Presente' will be released on 1st April 2013 via Sony Masterworks

Track listing:

1. Intro
2. Codigo de barra
3. Segundos afuera
4. Pide piso
5. Nocturno
6. Pena en mi corazon
7. Caminante
8. La trufa y el sifon
9. Sabelo
10. Patras
11. Oigo voces
12. Cuesta arriba
13. Rendezvous
14. Lluvia
15. Noviembre
16. Circular
17. A repechaje
18. Milongon
19. Asi es (Propergol)
20. Olvidate
21. Outro

Skribent: Anthony May
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