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Awesome new video for Hangman's Body Count goes live + European chart success Volbeat | FESTIVALPHOTO

Awesome new video for Hangman's Body Count goes live + European chart success Volbeat

It's no surprise that with killer tunes like THE HANGMAN'S BODY COUNT the new album from Danish rock megastars Volbeat [Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies] has been scorching its way up the charts across Europe and winning them even more fans across the US + Canada!

With new guitarist Rob Caggiano the band have been destroying venues across the US on the first leg of their current world tour and they return to the UK for the
Download Festival in June! Anyone whose seen them on their previous sold out UK headline dates will know just how powerful the band are live, their set will be
a definite beers aloft, sing-your-heart-out highlight at the hallowed ground of Donington. Be there!

Album chart placing to date...

#1 Austria
#1 Germany
#1 Norway
#1 Denmark
#2 Finland
#4 Netherlands
#4 Sweden
Top 10 iTunes Album USA
#1 iTunes Album Canada
#1 iTunes Album Austria
#1 iTunes Album Finland
#1 iTunes Album Germany
#1 iTunes Album Luxembourg
#1 iTunes Album Norway
#1 iTunes Album Sweden
#1 iTunes Album Switzerland

"Historical hindsight will likely compare Volbeat's 5th studio album, Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies, to Metallica's 1991 Black album - the breakthrough moment
when heavy rock acts crosses from cult status to mass-appeal embrace." - Billboard Magazine

CAPE OF OUR HERO has already surpassed 800,000+ YouTube views;

The album features guest appearances from Walk Off The Earth's Sarah Blackwood and Metal legend King Diamond.

2010's Beyond Heaven / Above Hell album has sold over a million copies in Europe, it's 2 x platinum in their home country of Denmark platinum in Germany, has
reached Gold status in Canada and sold over 250,000 in the US. The band regularly sells out 20,000+ seat arena's across Europe.


Skribent: Anthony May
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