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Anne Marie Almedal - Memory lane | FESTIVALPHOTO

Anne Marie Almedal - Memory lane



'Memory lane' is the new album from Norwegian singer Anne Maria Almedal. It's her third solo album and follows 'The siren and the sage' and 'Blue sky blue'. The music is Folk with a slight pop influence, and the album features several guests - Danny Thompson (Pentangle/Nick Drake/John Martyn/Kate Bush/Talk Talk/Everything But The Girl), Kjetil Grande (Grammy award winning guitarist), Katharine Blake (Miranda Sex Garden, Mediaeval Baebes) and Conrad Lambert (Merz).

The first thing that hits you as you listen to this album is just how beautiful a voice Anne Marie Almedal has - it really is an amazingly beautiful voice, and rightly takes centre stage. The songs are beautifully crafted, and while sounding fairly simple on the surface as the music is kept soft and gentle, are when you listen more closely quite intricate and there's a lot more detail to hear than you initially notice, particularly since on the first listen you tend to focus on the vocals.

I can't pick out individual songs for particular praise - the whole album is so good that there isnt a single weak track on there. I've been listening to this album a lot since it arrived for review a week ago, and it really is good - one of those rare albums you can have on repeat for hours without getting bored of it.

'Memory lane' is out on 3rd June via Proper Music Distribution

Track listing:

1. Back to where it started
2. One day
3. May you never
4. Two of a kind
5. Scars
6. The river and the sea
7. If
8. Memory lane
9. Winter song
10. Way away
11. And its the loneliness
12. The wanderers

Skribent: Anthony May
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