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Sonata arctica, Pythia & Neonfly - Relentless Garage, London - 17th April 2013 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Sonata arctica, Pythia & Neonfly - Relentless Garage, London - 17th April 2013



The night kicked off with Neonfly.  This was my first time seeing them or hearing them, so I had no idea what to expect. 
Even before they took to the stage the venue was packed and the temperature was rising to unpleasantly hot. 
With their drum kit set up in front of Sonata Arctica's gear there wasnt a lot of space on stage (in fact it was very cramped). Despite this the bands singer leaped around putting everything he had into his performance and somehow managed to avoid killing either a fellow band member or a photographer as he swung his mic stand around seemingly without concern. 
They certainly managed to impress the crowd and by the last song had the whole place clapping along. 
Musically they're a good fit with Sonata Arctica with their melodic/power metal. A great set from a band that's definitely worth a listen. 

Neonfly photos -

Next up came fellow Londoners Pythia.   They are much heavier than either of the other bands on the bill so probably faced a tougher task in impressing the crowd. 
Dressed in their stage outfits including leather armour they certainly looked impressive - so many bands look like they just strolled in off the street whereas bands such as Arch enemy or Lacuna coil make an effort to create the right visual image to go with their music.  Pythia do look the part but the armour doesn't fit many of their songs, particularly those from the second album, so there is a slight anomaly there. 
I've seen Pythia numerous times and their performances vary considerably from superb down to pretty poor. Happily tonight, the last night of this short UK tour they're at the top of their game and put in an excellent performance.  I do have to wonder though why singer Emily Ovenden decided to tell the crowd that tonight is all about celebrating British heavy metal when almost all the fans will have bought their tickets to see Sonata Arctica - a Finnish band. 

Pythia photos -

Pythia setlist:

Betray my heart
Just a lie
Army of the damned
Kissing the knife
Sweet cantation

Sonata Arctica took to the stage to huge cheers from this capacity crowd - the last few tickets had sold before the doors opened tonight. 
With the support bands gear (drum kit in particular) cleared out of the way there was a lot more space on the stage, and the band used it well with singer Tony Kakko in particular moving constantly around the stage. Sonata Arctica were definitely on form tonight and put in a superb performance which the army of fans were clearly enjoying.  We got a guitar solo during 'Paid in full' and a keyboard solo before 'Fullmoon', both of which were very good. Tonight was one of those gigs where the headliners just make things look easy. They'd packed the place out with their fans, so were always going to go down well, but they still put in everything they had to give the fans the best possible gig. A great end to a great night of music.

Sonata Arctica photos -

Sonata Arctica setlist:

Only the Broken Hearts (Make You Beautiful)
Black Sheep
Alone In Heaven
Shitload of Money
The Gun
The Day
I Have a Right
The Last Amazing Grays
Paid in Full
Losing My Insanity
Don't Say a Word


Skribent: Anthony May
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