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Fuchsia - II



British progressive folk band Fuschia was formed in 1970, and after releasing one self titled album split up. Over forty years on band leader Durant has put together a new album under the Fuschia name.

Listening to the album before I read the bands press release, I felt there was a definite late 60's/early 70's feel to the album - the vocals in particular, which makes sense. The music is really good - I must admit I wouldn't immediately think of it as folk - Progressive is the key word in the description of the music - Progressive Folk. It feels to be somewhere between folk, pop and rock with a strong 60s or 70s feel, but it's so beautifully done that it really is hard to pin it down any more than that.

This really is an excellent album - the music and vocals are just superb and there's just something about it that makes you want to listen to it again and again. Opening track 'Melancholy Rd' is particularly impressive and really sets the tone for the album.

The album will be released on 10th June 2013 through Sound Practices.

Track listing:

1. Melancholy rd
2. Girl from Kandahar
3. Lost generations
4. Fuchsia song
5. I'll remember her face
6. Rainbow song
7. Crossing the big C
8. The waves
9. Piper at the gates

Skribent: Anthony May
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