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Suffocation, Cephalic Carnage, Havok and Fallujah rule the Cathouse in Glasgow | FESTIVALPHOTO

Suffocation, Cephalic Carnage, Havok and Fallujah rule the Cathouse in Glasgow



Fridays night, Glasgow, Cathouse (unfortunatelly it was not The Classic Grand club due some electricity problems) and four American bands comming up on the stage. Quite a few people in the begining.

Everything starts with fellows from sunny California with a cosmic name – Fallujah. Blue lights on, guys on the stage. Quite hypnotic music, leading audience to its own thoughts. Nice technical death metal for the start, although guys are quite static (maybe except the bass player). On the other hand, their show was not too long – it was only about 30 minutes with five songs, so it was not so much time to get bored. 7/10

After short break, Havok is on stage. Thrashers from Colorado give very energetic and intense show, so time with them just flashes. Audience wakes up from the Fallujah hypnosis and moshpit starts. Sounds so familiar and fresh at the same time. 9/10

Another, longer break and the thirds band – Cephalic Carnage storms onto the stage. „Who wants some grindcore? Not thrash metal, not death or technical death metal but pure grindcore?!“ - shouts Leonard Leal to restless fans in the front. So dose of mixed grindcore and lots of talks begin. The red lights on, guys seem to be very cheerful. Show is again quite intense and colourful, for one song their friend Simone Pluijmers (ex-Cerebral Bore) joins them on the stage. And the next thing you know, they are making some fun out of black metal bands with some masks on their faces. And horse! 8/10

Time goes quite fast and it is already the main band here – Suffocation. Slight changes in band line up – regular vocalist, Frank Mullen, for some of the gigs is changed to John Gallager (Dying Fetus) due personal reasons. It does not seem that the quality of the show would change because of that, everything goes smooth as it is expected from this band: loud, fast, furious and technical in some cases. Audience goes crazy – moshpit at its best for quite a few people, everything gets sweaty. 8/10

Skribent: Jurga Kalinauskaite
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