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Whitesnake - Made in Britain / The world record | FESTIVALPHOTO

Whitesnake - Made in Britain / The world record



Hot on the heels of Whitesnake's 'Made in Japan' live album/DVD (released on 23rd April), comes another live album - Made in Britain / The world record. This album was recorded on the band's 2011 Forevermore tour - the band chose to record every show on the tour. The album is split into two discs - the first is 'Made in Britain', and as the title suggests, is made up of recordings from the 9 UK dates on the tour. The second disc is 'The world record' which uses recordings from some of the other 87 shows on the tour.

The obvious question that has to be asked is this - with two live albums coming out so close together, is this second one worth getting?
OK this release is a double live album, whereas 'Made in japan' is a DVD and CD, but since most people will watch the DVD occasionally but will listen to the CD a lot more frequently then for most people the track listings will determine the answer.

Looking at the first disc, the track listing is fairly similar to the 'Made in Japan' release with 10 songs appearing on both albums. OK so that's not a good sign, but the second disc is where things get a lot more attractive. The second disc here contains 12 tracks, and not one of those songs appears on the 'Made in Japan' album (ok one of them does if you bought the 2CD/1DVD version of made in Japan). Now that makes this album a lot more appealing straight away, and things keep getting better. Not only do we have a load of great Whitesnake tracks, we also get some Deep Purple songs - 'Soldier of fortune' and a 'Burn'/'Stormbringer' medley.

Looking at the track listings alone then, if you've already got 'Made in Japan' then I'd certanly recommend getting 'Made in Britain/The world record' as well. If you haven't got 'Made in Japan' already then it comes down to what you want - if you're only interested in the CDs then I'd suggest either just getting this album or getting both but making sure you get the version of made in Japan which includes 2 CDs as that gives you some bonus tracks.

Personally I think both are worth getting - the fact that one has a live DVD to watch while the other has a load more tracks means that there are enough differences between these two live releases for both to be worth buying for fans of Whitesnake.

The sound quality is great - nice and clear and with an excellent mix. David Coverdale's voice still sounds great even after 35 years - okay its not as good as it was, but it's still very good and has held up a lot better than many other singers. Reb Beach and Doug Aldrich put in some great performances on guitar, and the resulting album just sounds great - and is an accurate reflection of what
you'll hear at a Whitesnake gig.

A great live album that's well worth buying for any Whitesnake fan.

'Made in Britain / The world record' will be released on 8th July 2013 on Frontiers records.

Track listing:

Disc 1 - Made in Britain

1. Best years
2. Give me all your love tonight
3. Love ain't no stranger
4. Is this love
5. Steal your heart away
6. Forevermore
7. Love will set you free
8. My evil ways
9. Fare thee well
10. Ain't no love in the heart of the city
11. Fool for your loving
12. Here I go again
13. Still of the night

Disc 2 - The world record

1. Bad boys
2. Slide it in
3. Lay down your love
4. Pistols at dawn
5. Snake dance
6. Can you hear the wind blow
7. Fare thee well
8. One of these days
9. The badger
10. Deeper the love
11. Soldier of fortune
12. Burn/Stormbringer

Skribent: Anthony May
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