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Gadi Caplan - Look back step forward | FESTIVALPHOTO

Gadi Caplan - Look back step forward



Gadi Caplan is an Israeli guitarist and composer who lives in New York. He originally trained as a classical pianist from a young age, before switching to guitar where he developed a love of Blues and Rock. He's also studied the Sitar and Indian music, Jazz, fusion and funk, so has a very diverse musical background.

This album is an almost completely instrumental album with only one track having any vocals - this is how his last album (Opposite views) was structured too - largely instrumental but with some vocals on a track or two. Instrumental albums often fall into the trap of being quite dull and uninsteresting - nice to have on in the background but not something you listen to by choice, but with Gadi Caplan there is so much variety that it's far more interesting than a typical instrumental album.

All the tracks have their own character and stand out from each other which makes this an interesting album to listen to. The range of instruments used also helps with flutes, violins, violas and saxophone supplementing the usual drums, guitar, bass and keyboard. This use of different instruments in different songs reinforces the differences between them.

I'm not a big fan of instrumental albums normally, but I have to say, this is an album that is definitely well worth a listen.

Track listing:

1. It's all the same
2. Charlotte
3. Brother
4. Within the clouds
5. Frostbite
6. Indian Summer
7. Look back step forward
8. Monsoon season
9. A latin winter
10. Tesha

Skribent: Anthony May
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