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BRETT WALKER, New AOR Heaven Signing Sadly Passes Away | FESTIVALPHOTO

BRETT WALKER, New AOR Heaven Signing Sadly Passes Away

M.E.P.R. are sad to announce that new signing to AOR Heaven, Brett Walker sadly passed away on Tuesday.

Here's yesterday's full statement from AOR Heaven head Georg Siegl...

In deep mourning and dismay, yesterday we received the tragic information that US singer, songwriter and musician Brett Walker sadly has passed away.

Just one day after the official press release announcing our forthcoming release of his new studio album “Straight Jacket Vacation”, it seems a bit bizarre that this blessed musician is no longer with us.

Brett Walker was full of energy and thirst for action and was looking forward to the release of his new album as well as to his live performance at the coming Melodic Rockfest in Chicago. So much the worse now is the fact that he unexpectedly has passed away.

After speaking with his wife Sheron, we will – as planned – release his new album on August 30th (September 2nd in the UK), because, according to Sheron, this would have been his deepest wish. We will do our best to treat Brett Walker’s musical legacy with dignity and the appreciation he deserves. At the same time, we wish his wife Sheron and his three children the necessary power to hurdle this stroke of fate."

"R.I.P. Brett"

Georg Siegl, AOR Heaven

M.E.P.R. would further like to send our condolences to the family and all of Brett's close friends.

Skribent: Anthony May
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