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Swedish band The Embodied plays at the Hungarian rock festival | FESTIVALPHOTO

Swedish band The Embodied plays at the Hungarian rock festival



In every summer rockers arrive to the biggest lake in Central Europe, to celebrate rockmusic, and motorcycle lifestyle in the hottest weekend. Festival was established 6 years ago, by one of the main rock teams in Hungary, and all these 3 days grown up then, during the last years, outgrowing itself for a real festival now. Also good to know, Zorall band plays rethought evergreen hits, usually mixed it with well known rock anthmes. It pays to search for or google them.

The hungarian name of the 3 day festival came from the founder band's name, added the word "Sörolimpia", which actually means "beer olympic games", referring to the original aim of the rock weekend, play! Last year headliner bands and the rocking audience fought against each other in summer sport and beer games during the day, then the night filled by the hard rock air. More then 60 bands were playing during the weekend at the beach, on 2 stages, by the lake. In the end of 2012 Zorall Sörolimpia got the title of the best rock festival of the year, by a well known concert review magazine.

This year the "beach beer-festival" celebrates the 6th anniversary at Balatonszemes, again with more then 60 bands, young and acknowledged rockstars also. Extra surprise for the rock and metal fans, that Swedish The Embodied, melodic deathmetal band from Jönköping also going to visit the festival smashing the stage, as the first not Hungarian band, playing there. Another extras will be announced soon, just as a special exhibition, and shortmovie in memory of the famous guitarist Peter Kun, who died tragically so young 20 years ago. And remember, unforgettable hungarian rock legend of the 90's will revive for a second time at Zorall Sörolimpia this summer. Summer nights, beach, beer, girls, motorcycles and rock 'n roll - what else would you need to be honest for a crazy memorable rock n roll holiday?

Festivalphoto will participate there also, to report you, rockers by pictres.

Stay rock!


Skribent: Orsi Kurcz
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