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New Video: Black Onassis (Ex-Kasabian) | FESTIVALPHOTO

New Video: Black Onassis (Ex-Kasabian)

Brain is the new track from Black Onassis - the project of former Kasabian member Chris Karloff. As a founding member, lead guitarist and one of the chief songwriters for Kasabian throughout their swift ascent to global fame, Karloff admits it was a kick in the bollocks to leave the band back in 2006. But now he’s joined forces with NYC musician and good friend Nick Forde to enjoy some new-found creative freedom.

With an urge to reconnect with the “fundamentals of song writing”, Chris says that Brain emerged “from the simplest building blocks of thick drums, bass and a relay of interchanging hooks." It displays the ultimate foundation and preliminary insight into Karloff’s own personal influences. From The Prodigy, Vangelis and Tangerine Dream to Jimi Hendrix and Primal Scream - it’s classic rock n roll meets space age psychedelia and metroplex techno.

Having moved to New York from his English home town Leicester following the split from Kasabian, Karloff let the burn of separation and the influences of his new home feed into his sound. Not only is he now able to be as openly creative as he likes, he’s taken his liberation a step further by choosing to collaborate with guest vocalists as opposed to writing for a set singer.

"Working with multiple singers makes writing every track a unique experience, a new musical adventure” says Chris. “A voice can change the whole dynamic of a song, and it's really freeing and feels limitless to write without being constrained by the vocal abilities or stylings of one person."

‘Brain’ employs the vocal expertise of The Cooper Temple Clause/Type Two Error’s Ben Gautrey, who Chris met whilst touring the UK in 2003.

"I have always been captivated by Ben’s voice, he gives off a dark energy that can be antagonistic but has strange undertones of hope. After playing him Brain for the first time it clicked straight away. The lyrics he put in Brain speak volumes to me personally, the simple message of perseverance and depth of human spirit resonated loudly" says Chris.

Ben himself says:

"In terms of Brain, I was inspired lyrically by the music. I thought it had an electronic haunted feel. I guess the essence of the song is that if you keep beating yourself up, nothing good will ever happen. It's about letting go and looking ahead with a bit of self belief".

The official video for this track, alludes to the enigmatic and extreme visual elements that the band recurrently surround themselves with. The dark and compelling story of entrapment intercut with unstable digital imagery expertly expresses the electronic and psyched up nature of the track. Aesthetics such as this establish the core identity of Black Onassis in compensation for their unconventional line up, while offering an unsettling yet wholly captivating and endearing overall experience.

Full album Desensitized featuring further guest vocals from Liela Moss of The Duke Spirit, Morgan Kibby of M83 / White Sea and Steven Young of The Black Marquee comes out September 23rd on the bands’ own imprint Minus Man Records.

Skribent: Anthony May
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