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Lucy Ward - Single flame | FESTIVALPHOTO

Lucy Ward - Single flame



'Single flame' is the second album from 23 year old singer/guitarist Lucy Ward. With this album she has moved away from a straight folk sound and moved to a more modern sound that still shows it's folk roots.

It's interesting listening to the album - with most singers you don't tend to notice an accent (The Proclaimers being a notable exception). On this album, Lucy's accent isnt noticeable most of the time, but every so often you get quite a strong accent showing through.

Brief comments on a few tracks..

'The consequence' has a traditional folk feel to it

'Velvet sky' treads the line between folk and rock, and has quite a polished sound. It's a great song and has a much more commercial feel than most of the album that means while it will have a wide appeal, some folk fans may not be so keen on it.

'For the dead men' is a political song. Sung passionately with it's strong lyrics it's a great song and follows a long tradition of folk songs taking up political issues.

'Marching through the green grass' is a much faster, louder song. The fiddle gives it a folk feel, and it's a song that I can certainly imagine getting people dancing.

This is a great album - some great music and beautiful vocals. Well worth a listen.

Track listing:

1. I cannot sawy I will not speak
2. Honey
3. The last pirouette
4. Icarus
5. Velvet sky
6. Rites of man
7. the consequence
8. Lord I don't want to die in the storm
9. For the dead men
10. Marching through the green grass
11. Ink
12. Shellback

Skribent: Anthony May
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