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Gary Moore - Back On The Streets - 23rd September 2013 UMC | FESTIVALPHOTO

Gary Moore - Back On The Streets - 23rd September 2013 UMC

This autumn sees the release of an extended edition of the hugely successful debut solo album, Back On The Streets by Gary Moore. Released in 1978 this was the first authentic solo record by the British blues-rock guitarist legend featuring Thin Lizzy bassist/vocalist Phil Lynott and drummer Brian Downey. This classic album features the tracks “Fanatical Fascists”, acoustic ballad "Spanish Guitar” and the exquisite UK top 10 single “Parisienne Walkways”.

This special edition comprises the full original album plus bonus B-sides and alternate versions, fully endorsed by his estate. Re-mastered by Andy Pearce and featuring an updated booklet with liner notes by writer and journalist Malcolm Dome.

1. Back On The Streets
2. Don't Believe A Word (with Phil Lynott vocal)
3. Fanatical Fascists
4. Flight Of The Snow Moose
5. Hurricane
6. Song For Donna
7. What Would You Rather Bee Or A Wasp
8. Parisienne Walkways (with Phil Lynott vocal)

Bonus Tracks:

9. Track Nine (taken from ')Back On The Streets' 7" Single B-Side
10. Spanish Guitar - Phil Lynott vocal 7" Single
11. Spanish Guitar - Gary Moore vocal 7" Single
12. Spanish Guitar - Instrumental 7" Single B-Side

Skribent: Anthony May
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