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Orianthi - 100 club, London - 7th August 2013 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Orianthi - 100 club, London - 7th August 2013



Tonight at the 100 club was a gig I'd been looking forward to since it was announced - Orianthi performing at what I believe is her first ever UK headline gig. When I arrived shortly before the doors were due to open it was clear that quite a few other people were looking forward to the show - there was a long queue outside already, and once inside the place was pretty packed - not quite sold out but not too far off it. Quite impressive for a midweek gig the night before the Bloodstock and Crpredy festivals.

If you don't know who Orianthi is, she's best known to many people as lead guitarist in the current lineup of Alice Cooper's band, but this Australian musician is far more than just another guitarist. As well as being an incredibly talented guitarist who has worked with Michael Jackson, Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) and Alice Cooper, she also has a solo career where she not only plays guitar but also sings.

Tonight she has members of Alice Cooper's band acting as her backing band, and kicked off the set with the title track of her latest album - "Heaven in this hell". Unsurprisingly the new album makes up a large part of tonight's set but there are also songs from her "Believe" album too. She sings beautifully but it's her guitar playing that is simply superb - it's great to see and hear such a talented guitar player at work. She's good at communicating with the crowd too, and keeps the energy levels in the room at a high level - quite impressive since the temperature was at a stupidly hot level.

For the encore we got "According to you" before she brought a guest on stage - the legendary Alice Cooper, to perform a Jimi Hendrix cover with her - "Foxy lady". It's a song that's been part of Alice Cooper's set on the last tour, so it meant the whole band knew it and put in a great performance - Orianthi in particular handled Hendrix's guitar parts with ease.

A great gig from this amazingly talented guitarist.


Heaven in This Hell
You Don't Wanna Know
What's It Gonna Be
Bad News
Think Like A Man
How Do You Sleep? (with Cyril Niccolai)
Better With You
Filthy Blues
Song For Steve
Sex E Bizarre

According To You
Foxy Lady


Skribent: Anthony May
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