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Revamp - Bibelot, Dordrecht - 6th September 2013 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Revamp - Bibelot, Dordrecht - 6th September 2013



September 6th saw the first of two CD release parties from Revamp, to celebrate the release of their second album, Wild Card which had just been released on Nuclear Blast. Having been to the release show for the first album, I decided to buy a ticket and then head over to The Netherlands for this show.

Since the last album release, Bibelot has moved from it's old home in a beautiful old building to a new one with multiple stages. First impressions were poor as it's badly signposted so a number of fans were struggling to find the way into the building. Once inside though and up several flights of stairs things started looking good. The venue looked very impressive and was well laid out and the balcony was tiered so fans all got a good view, but most importantly the lighting rig looked very impressive.

The night opened with My Propane ( The sound mix was pretty terrible for them - the bass drowned out the vocals and for much of the time the guitar was barely audible, but despite this I still enjoyed their set. Their opening with the guitarist playing before being joined by the rest of the band was particularly impressive. They had an alternative rock sound and put in a good performance. They have an album coming out in the next couple of months apparently so it will be interesting to hear how they sound on that without the distraction of poor sound.

Tonight's crowd though was really there for Revamp, back with their new album now that Floor Jansen has finished her touring commitments with Nightwish.
The band kicked off with the two guitarists coming on stage and opening the show withe the guitars
duelling as the start of the song before the rest of the band joined in, then Floor came out to huge cheers.

Tonight's set is based unsurprisingly around the new album with all the songs from the album getting played tonight. On the album Floor does clean metal vocals, operatic vocals and for the first time, growling vocals, so I was curious to see how she would do live. Well I can tell you that she handles all three with ease, and even gave Mark Jansen a run for his money for the best growls of the night.

Later in the show Floor introduces Epica's Mark Jansen who joins them to perform the male growls on "Misery's no crime" before leaving the stage. After another song, he comes back out for "Disdain", before the show closes with "Wolf and Dog". Thankfully it's not long before Revamp are back out to do an encore, which includes the song "Sins" which is only available on the download version of the album as a bonus track (why on earth do bands put bonus tracks on the version that offers the lowest margins?).

Particular praise has to go to the venue and it's sound and lighting team - the sound was perfect, and the lighting was simply stunning - probably the best lighting I've seen at a venue of that size, and that's down to the venue investing in a great lighting rig which meant the light show was very impressive.

Despite a few minor technical problems at the start of the show, this was a superb performance from Revamp. They've had a long break, first with Floor's illness and then with her acting as the temporary singer for Nightwish (although many fans are hoping she gets the permanent job). It's good to see Revamp back on stage and delivering their heaviest material yet.

A great night.


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Skribent: Anthony May
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