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A lot more than just, "Big Nothing" | FESTIVALPHOTO

A lot more than just, "Big Nothing"


Punch-Drunks are an acoustic duo that fuses folk and classic southern blues, consisting of two guitars and two microphones. Devin O’Rourke and Noah Trevino work together splitting music and lyric writing; maintaining pure musical equality. Their third and latest EP, “Big Nothing”, has an early 20’s Mississippi blues nostalgia, utilizing the twang of a guitar slide and deeply moving lyrics containing five acoustic tracks. This past year has been busy for the Punch-Drunks; releasing two other EP’s and playing a variety of shows.
Big Nothing opens with “Like a train” a sad tale of love, which is told not only with words, but with soul from the accompanying guitar and harmonica. “Howl”, “Nightingale”, and “No dice” take a more folksy melody, featuring upbeat vocal harmonies and dancing guitar string duets. Lyrically, Devin and Noah keep strong blues overtones for these tracks, incorporating mood enlightening chord progressions. “The devil’s inside” takes on the characteristics of a country western; sad yet soothing.
This album is a tribute to the atavism of the great southern heritage. Light and inspirational, Punch-Drunks bring life to a musical influence that was once thought to be obsolete, a true blue’s revival.

Written by: Eric Falcon Delgado

Skribent: Eric Falcon Delgado
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