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IWRESTLEDABEARONCE - debut new video for 'Letters To Stallone' | FESTIVALPHOTO

IWRESTLEDABEARONCE - debut new video for 'Letters To Stallone'

Avant-garde metal band IWRESTLEDABEARONCE has released a new video for their song 'Letters To Stallone'! The track is from the band’s new album 'Late For Nothing' which is available for purchase at iTunes, Amazon and CM Distro and at local retailers.

IWABO’s video for 'Letters To Stallone' features live, backstage and road footage compiled from the band’s recent European tour.

'Letters To Stallone' is featured on IWABO’s tumultuous third studio album, which features twelve crushing tracks like 'Carnage Asada' (ft. Steve Vai), 'Firebees', 'Thunder Chunky', 'I’d Buy That For A Dollar' and 'Boat Paddle'.

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