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The Lonesome southern comfort company - The big hunt | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Lonesome southern comfort company - The big hunt



The Lonesome Southern Comfort Company are a Swiss band which formed in 2006 initially as a solo project. In 2008 the debut album was released, and was followed in 2010 by the second album (Charles the bold). Now they've just released their third album, "The big hunt". Although it's their third album, it's the first to get a UK release.

Musically there's a folk/Americana base, but there are other elements mixed in with this such as the electronic elements that you first hear in the opening track, "When he's down".

I've got to be honest - if the first two albums are anything like this one then I can see why the first two albums never got a UK release. It's simply nothing special. It's not bad at all, but the problem is that it's fairly bland and generic so fails to stand out and really grab the listeners attention. Even the fact that the lyrics in "When he's down" are quite aggressive and violent fails to save the song as the bland delviery robs the lyrics of their power.

Track listing:

1. When he's down
2. 64 Warwick Way
3. Mary Anne
4. The big hunt
5. Retreat
6. That 1am call
7. CT scan
8. Wall Street's foreign legion
9. Rent song

Skribent: Anthony May
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