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David Bronson Gives Away Free Track ‘Animals’ From recent album The Long Lost | FESTIVALPHOTO

David Bronson Gives Away Free Track ‘Animals’ From recent album The Long Lost

NYC artist David Bronson is giving away a free download from his latest album The Long Lost called Animals. A songwriter praised for his artistic quality, rawness and honesty, this track counteracts his quieter more spacious sounds with a classic rock exoticism, as one of his more visceral and primitive displays of universally experienced emotions.

Bronson himself says of the track:

‘‘This is a song about accountability and the opposing forces of recklessness and restraint that fight within each of us. It was written very much as a reaction (not surprising, as the whole project is blatantly so); a perhaps somewhat idealistic plea-scream from a wounded young bleeding heart trying desperately to appeal to some sense of inter-personal responsibility blatantly absent from his experience of relationship. To me, it's also a very pronounced statement of loss.”

The track is available to share and download here:

Early this year David Bronson released his debut album ‘Story’, the first instalment of a deeply personal 22 track opus, yet chronologically the second half of his narrative. Prequel, ‘The Long Lost’ was released more recently in October drawing closure to The Long Lost Story project, completing what is in effect a sonic summation of an emotional development process travelled through by each and every one of us who has loved and lost, and survived.

With a number of years of writing, producing, and recording in NYC as an indie musician with a tight budget, Bronson let nothing get in the way of the album’s large and expressive scope. Beginning with a young man’s loss of hope and identity following the end of first love, a project came to life to continue through the prolonged, arduous, and life-changing journey to re-find them.

David’s dedication and meticulousness in making his ideas come alive has resulted in emotional and sonic opulence, and rather than being a heavily foreboding or overly moody project, The Long Lost Story is wholly an uplifting affair.

Skribent: Anthony May
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