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Bap Kennedy - Let's start again | FESTIVALPHOTO

Bap Kennedy - Let's start again



Bap Kennedy is back with his sixth solo album. Before starting his solo career he was lead singer and primary songwriter for Belfast rock band Energy Orchard, with whom he recorded 5 albums. In his solo career he's toured supporting Mark Knopfler who also produced and appeared on Bap's last album, "The Sailors revenge" and has also worked with Shane McGowan, Van Morrison and Steve Earle.

For this album he chose to record it in Northern Ireland, and as well as the band he's toured with for the last year or so since the release of the last album, he's also brought in a number of local musicians - altogether 10 people play instruments on the album and there are also six additional singers for backing vocals.

Brief comments on a couple of tracks...

"Song of her desire" reminds me of Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground - it's got that similar vocal tone, but Bap's song is slightly faster paced. It's a great song and one of my favourites on the album.

"Revelation blues" has a nice fast cheerful style with a definite Country feel to it.

There's a real Americana feel to the album. It's packed full of great songs and is one of those albums you can listen to over and over again - highly recommended.

"Let’s Start Again" will be released on Proper Records on 3rd February 2014

Track listing:

1. Let's start again
2. Revelation blues
3. If things don't change
4. King of Mexico
5. Song of her desire
6. Radio waves
7. Heart trouble
8. Under my wing
9. Strange kid
10. Fool's paradise
11. Let it go

Skribent: Anthony May
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