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Former And So I watch You From Afar member releases new album + video | FESTIVALPHOTO

Former And So I watch You From Afar member releases new album + video

VerseChorusVerse is the current moniker for Tony Wright. Tony Wright used to be in a band that he formed called And So I Watch You From Afar. He isn’t anymore.

This new project finds Tony darting off brilliantly in the opposite direction to his former band, armed with a head full of melody & a soul full of fire, teasing hope out from the darker recesses of his ever changing & always fascinating musical landscape.

VerseChorusVerse is a force of change - terra firma unexplored. Tony likes moving forward, because he knows the world is moving with him. Finding a firm alliance with an acoustic guitar, a strong acquaintance with a harmonica and even a fling with some mariachi brass, he writes words and music that come right from his heart, holding a mirror up to the world at large and seeking positivity.

People are already paying attention, from fans who have loyally followed him from his old band to musical contemporaries he’s shared stages with, such as Michael Kiwanuka who praised Tony for his ‘powerful songs’ and admitted he’s a sucker for a harmonica player. Daniel Johnston was equally complimentary (although became slightly more excited when he decided that Tony looked like Eric Idle of The Rutles). Aside from apparently looking like the most musical Monty Python, most sense a real classicism to Wright’s solo project, likening his new work to Neil Young, Tom Petty, and even further oldies such as Delta bluesman Skip James and folk legend Woody Guthrie. Others see the ghost of Joe Strummer, particularly via his rebellious streak, sometimes politicised lyrics and musical experimentation.

Not limiting his new moniker to just a musical project, early 2013 saw the launch of a video project, "VerseChorusVideo - The Inches EP", in which 4 singles were released, all self performed and produced, featuring Tony’s directorial and acting debut. One of the videos, "Nothing Is Easy", was nominated for best short music film at the well respected Limelight Short Film Awards in London. The Project was a critical success and lauded in all circles concerned. This album will see more of the same as Tony continues to flex his creative talents across audio and visual platforms.

His extensive solo gigs across the UK, Ireland and Europe have left people rapt and reeling from a particular authenticity and honesty. With an album produced by Iain Archer (Ivor Novello winner, Jake Bugg, Fionn Regan, Luke Sital Singh), and a restless desire to get out in the world to perform these songs and connect with people, VerseChorusVerse has only just started to mould its intricate shape. So start paying attention, because this is the beginning. And everyone knows the beginning is the most crucial part.

Skribent: Anthony May
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