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The Drake Equation „ Everyone has a right to freedom” | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Drake Equation „ Everyone has a right to freedom”



The Drake guys are not so far from the Nobel Peace Prize – also putting aside the humor: their newest songs are tending to move more and more in the direction of antiracism, world peace, and human rights against violence. Good news dudes: all this is covered by pure metal music. Let's follow them!

I heard you guys just made some great stuff again. What are the news around the band? What we just released was the news that we're now working with a digital metallabel called 666SONGS: it is a part of the famous digital label 100SONGS. They've signed our song Judgment and we recently played at the 666SONGS showcase in Stockholm. Within a month, we'll be releasing a new musicvideo for Judgment, and during the summer we are going to release two new songs again. We're also playing at Cityfestivalen in June, and there is more to come! What can we know about the new songs? These new songs are much more epic-sounding, and we've been experimenting with a lot of different creative sounds. They're much more orchestral sounding, much more pop-oriented and they're extremely groovy. Are you signed to play at Sweden Rock Festival this year again? We had a great time at SRF last year and we hope to get to play there again sometime in the future, but no, we're not playing at SRF this year. What about lyrics and topics of the (new) songs? The lyrics of the new songs are aimed at the political climate as it is today, with everything that has been going on lately, and how we really feel about it. I mean mainly the growing homophobic, racist and sexist movements and the signs of crazy totalitarian rule that have been surfacing lately these months. We really believe that we're all equal and that everyone has a right to freedom, no matter what your race or sex is. And this is what we do: we try to unite people and help them stand up for themselves through our music. Live for freedom, fight to keep it!


Skribent: Orsi Kurcz
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