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Steve Hackett - Genesis revisited: Live at the Royal Albert Hall | FESTIVALPHOTO

Steve Hackett - Genesis revisited: Live at the Royal Albert Hall



In the last few years, former Genesis guitarist, Steve Hackett has re-recorded some Genesis songs from his time with the band as the "Genesis revisited" and "Genesis revisited II" albums. Last year though he took the music on the road and performed at the Royal Albert Hall alongside a host of great musicians. That show was recorded and is now being released on DVD/BluRay and also as a CD/DVD.

The Royal Albert Hall is a stunning venue to film a concert at, and with the light show and screens used in the show make this a real visual spectacle. There's great camera work with a mix of close-up shots and distance shots to show the scale of the show, and the video quality is superb. The sound quality too is excellent (as you'd expect), and this really is the next best thing to having been there, particularly when viewed on a large TV screen with surround sound.
The music and vocals are also fantastic - the songs are great and just sound superb here.

There's just one major problem with this release - it's only 9 months since the release of "Genesis revisited: Live at Hammersmith" on CD/DVD, and many of the same songs are on both, so if you bought the Hammersmith release, is there enough here to justify buying this new release. Personally I think not, and suspect only hardcore fans will buy this new release if they already have the first one. If you haven't got the Hammersmith release then it comes down to which you prefer, but whereas the new release is 2CD/DVD, the Hammersmith one is 3CD/2DVD so you get more for your money.

Sorry but I just can't recommend this release. It's a great live DVD/CD, but it's madness to release two very similar albums a few months apart from shows that were only a few months apart.

Track listing:

1. Dance On A Volcano
2. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
3. Fly On A Windshield
4. Broadway Melody of 1974
5. Carpet Crawlers (w/ Ray Wilson)
6. The Return Of The Giant Hogweed
(w/ Roine Stolt)
7. The Musical Box
8. Horizons
9. UnquietSlumbersForTheSleeprs
10. In That Quiet Earth
11. Afterglow
12. I Know What I Like (w/ Ray Wilson)
13. Firth of Fifth (w/ John Wetton)
14. Ripples (w/ Amanda Lehmann)
15. The Fountain of Salmacis
16. Supper's Ready
17. Watcher of the Skies
18. Los Endos

Skribent: Anthony May
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