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The Mercy Alliance - Some kind of beautiful story | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Mercy Alliance - Some kind of beautiful story



The Mercy Alliance is an Indie rock band from Washington DC, led by songwriter Joe Rathbone. The music is more melodic and slightly softer than many Indie rock bands (there are still far too many Indie rock bands that sound like second rate copies of Oasis).

The album kicks off with "Washington". Rather than me tell you about it, I suggest you watch the video below and listen for yourself...

While this is softer and more melodic than a lot of indie rock, that doesnt mean it's actually any better. The problem is that after listening to the album quite a few times, I still can't remember any of the songs five minutes after turning it off - it's just too bland with nothing to grab your attention. It's pleasant background music at best.

If you're a fan of Indie rock and you like the video above then you will probably find this album worth listening to, but otherwise its one to avoid. It's a bit too bland and uninteresting for me to want to listen to it again.

Track listing:

1. Washington
2. Angel of mercy
3. All for love of you
4. Movin in time
5. This is how they know
6. I can't do it
7. Libertine
8. Save me
9. Drifting in

Skribent: Anthony May
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