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Brian Eno readies 4 discs of rare and unreleased material for All Saints Records | FESTIVALPHOTO

Brian Eno readies 4 discs of rare and unreleased material for All Saints Records

Brian Eno readies 4 bonus discs of rare and unreleased material for All Saints Records solo reissues in December
Expanded editions of Nerve Net, The Shutov Assembly, Neroli and The Drop out December 1st

Each title will be reissued as a 2CD set containing the original album as well as an additional disc of unreleased and rare Eno work specific to each record.

The reissues are of 4 albums recorded 1992 – 1997 that cover the gamut of Eno styles - exquisite ambient miniatures, immersive hour-long drones, Fela Kuti-inspired polyrhythmic funk, and even vocal-led deconstructed pop songs.

Nerve Net includes the first ever commercial release of legendary lost Eno album My Squelchy Life; The Shutov Assembly features an album's worth of unreleased recordings from the same period; Neroli includes an entire unreleased hour-long Eno ambient work New Space Music; and The Drop includes 9 rarely heard tracks from the Eno archives.

Each album comes in deluxe casebound packaging and is accompanied by a 16 page booklet compiling photos, images and writing by Eno that is relevant to each release.

3 of the albums are also being made available as gatefold double vinyl release containing the original audio only, but accompanied by a download card and containing printed inner sleeves with the content from the CD booklets.

1992's Nerve Net shows Eno returning to his more rock-oriented sound, with the bonus material his long lost album My Squelchy Life, previously slated for a 1991 release but ultimately pulled at the last minute, lost in the lore of the Eno mythology until now.

The Shutov Assembly, from the same year, is an ode to Russian artist and friend Sergei Shutov, who used to paint to Eno's work but had difficulty accessing it through the constraints of Soviet Russia. Eno collected unreleased material on a tape to give to Shutov, only to discover a common thread that transformed this into a complete body of work. The bonus material includes 7 unreleased recordings taken from the same period.

1993's Neroli is named after the sensual oil derived from the Seville orange, and Eno links this album to the sense of smell, fragrance and perfume. It is one solid piece with no break and is considered Eno's ultimate realisation of "mood music". Also included is the previously unreleased New Space Music, a single, hour-long piece of ambient, long-form drone music complimenting Neroli.

Lastly, 1997's The Drop is "jazz from a vague, alien perspective" and Eno's foray into 'drop' music, with the additional bonus material including 9 rare tracks recorded during the same period and previously only available through a limited edition of 1000 sold at Eno's 2006 77 Million Paintings exhibit in Japan.
All music by Brian Eno
Out December 1st on All Saints Records
Nerve Net

CD Track Listing
Disc 1 - Nerve Net
1. Fractal Zoom 2. Wire Shock 3. What Actually Happened? 4. Pierre In Mist 5. My Squelchy Life 6. Juju Space Jazz 7. The Roil, The Choke 8. Ali Click 9. Distributed Being 10. Web 11. Web (Lascaux Mix) 12. Decentre
Disc 2 - My Squelchy Life
1. I Fall Up 2. The Harness 3. My Squelchy Life 4. Tutti Forgetti 5. Stiff 6. Some Words 7. Juju Space Jazz 8. Under 9. Everybody's Mother 10. Little Apricot 11. Over
Vinyl Track Listing
Side A A1. Fractal Zoom A2. Wire Shock A3. What Actually Happened?
Side B B1. Pierre In Mist B2. My Squelchy Life B3. Juju Space Jazz B4. The Roil, The Choke
Side C C1. Ali Click C2. Distributed Being C3. Web
Side D D1. Web (Lascaux Mix) D2. Decentre
The Shutov Assembly
CD Track Listing
Disc 1 - The Shutov Assembly
1. Triennale 2. Alhondiga 3. Margraph 4. Lanzarote 5. Francisco 6. Riverside 7. Innocenti 8. Stefelijk 9. Ikebukuro 10. Cavallino
Disc 2 - Bonus Material
1. Eastern Cities 2. Empty Platform 3. Big Slow Arabs 4. Storm 5. Rendition 6. Prague 7. Alhondiga Variation
Vinyl Edition
Side A A1. Triennale A2. Alhonidga A3. Markgraph
Side B B1. Lanzarote B2. Francisco B3. Cavallino
Side C C1. Riverside C2. Innocenti C3. Stefelijk
Side D D1. Ikebukro
Neroli (Thinking Music Part IV)
CD Track Listing
Disc 1 - Neroli
Disc 2 - New Space Music
There is no vinyl edition of Neroli due to the artist's wish not to break up the music with side splits.
The Drop
CD Track Listing
Disc 1 - The Drop
1. Slip, Dip 2. But If 3. Belgian Drop 4. Cornered 5. Block Drop 6. Out / Out 7. Swanky 8. Coasters 9. Blissed 10. M.C. Organ 11. Boomcubist 12. Hazard 13. Rayonism 14. Dutch Blur 15. Back Clack 16. Dear World 17. Iced World
Disc 2 - Bonus Material
1. Never Stomp 2. Systems Piano 3. Bonk 12 4. Luxor Night Car 5. Targa Summer 6. Cold 7. Little Slicer 8. Surf Birds 9. Targa
Vinyl Edition
Side A A1. Slip, Dip A2. But If A3. Belgian Drop A4. Cornered A5. Block Drop A6. Out / Out A7. Swanky
Side B B1. Coasters B2. Blissed B3. M.C. Organ B4. Boomcubist B5. Hazard
Side C C1. Rayonism C2. Dutch Blur C3. Back Clack C4. Dear World C5. Slicing System C6. Sharply Cornered
Side D D1. Iced World


Customers ordering the 2CD or digital editions of Nerve Net, The Shutov Assembly or The Drop from Enoshop or Bleep will receive an instant grat download of a track from the first disc of each album when they pre-order, and a second instant grat download of a track from the bonus material a week prior to release.
All Saints Records was founded in 1992 by Dominic Norman-Taylor as a continuation of Brian Eno's Opal Records. The label began a series of critical acclaimed reissues in late 2013 and the last twelve months has seen reissues of their key releases, alongside extensive bonus material, from the likes of Jon Hassell, Harold Budd, Laraaji, Djivan Gasparyan and Eno's younger brother, Roger.

Skribent: Anthony May
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